Thank you to all of our DMS PTSO Volunteers!

Congratulations to all of our DMS

PTSO Volunteers of the Month 2020-2021:

August:  MaryBeth McMillon
September:  Liz Carlton and Michelle Thompson
October: Grace Fong
November: Missy Scarborough
December: Robyn Daniels, Pam Price, Casie Couch and Shay Morse
January: Ashley Harris, Jill Fisher, Erin Lind and Angie Tade
February: Grace Fong and Carrie Sanders
March: Steph Richardson, Alison Allen and Jessica Gaudin
April: Delia Schneider, Michelle Thompson, Vicki Kelly, Donna Nystrom and Abby Waterstreet
May: Maggie Fuller, Jennifer Thrailkill, and Michelle Woolf

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