Spring Disbursements APPROVED!

As mentioned in previous DMS PTSO meetings, the PTSO has excess reserves from previous years.  This Spring Disbursements request of $19,700 will continue to spend down those reserves to benefit the Dawson students, staff, and campus.

Note that if these expenditures are approved, the DMS PTSO will still end the current fiscal year with reserves well above the $7,000 required by the bylaws.  Also, these upgrades are not duplicative of anything related to the potential Bond projects.

DMS PTSO Members voted to approve the $19,700 DMS PTSO contribution toward several Dawson campus improvement projects, including a student study/collaboration space and teacher workroom upgrades.

Many of these improvements were recommended by the DAWSON ACTION TEAM, comprised of student leaders, faculty, and parents, who met monthly through the year.

See photos of proposed BKM furniture for the lunch retreat room below:


Finished lunch retreat:

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